March 11, 2008


Met Dr. Kerley (plastic surgeon for Santa Cruz Medical Foundation) for a consultation on possible tummy tuck, boob lift and implants (lets just make the terms easy okay?!)

She was confident in getting the lift and tuck covered by insurance which is pretty cool..

I'm young and was not as heavy as most; even was considered a "light weight" at 256lbs if you can believe that! Doesn't matter how young or small/big you are, loose skin is going to come after you after gastric bypass..

My girls are a sad excuse for a chest.. my tummy. its my apron.. haha I'm turning you on aren't I?

Used to be fallingout of a DD and to be told I could fill a small B... excuse me?! SMALL B CUP?! I could cry!!! It was also nice to hear a Dr. say your have almost no fat on your stomach, its all skin "I've seen more fat on girls at the beach in bikinis that i feel here, you just have lots of skin!"

I call tomorrow to check status on the insurance see where it's at. They will just love me at the end of this, journey.. I feel like I'm starting over, hope its not a fight like it was with the gastric bypass!! but if it oh well what can ya do the end results will be worth..

Anyone out there have any advice on what to do? What should I expect?

Until next time......

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