April 19, 2008

She's a Barbie Girl

Good New!!! Insurance company has approved me for the tummy tuck! No appeal or anything I feel very lucky about that! But I can't help thinking "wow guess I really was bad enough to be approved!" LOL. Boobies of course where not approved and were ruled out as cosmetic surgeries. Figured. 1 out 2 not bad.

So I had 2wks prior to May 19th to get $8,715 to the hospital. My loan is lagging and I couldn't get it to them in time. So now May19th is for a tummy tuck only. Disappointing? Defiantly! But looking on the bright side the tummy tuck was the most important, the procedure that is going to give me something I've always wanted and never had which is obviously a flat "normal" looking stomach. So many emotions surround this surgery I know to most people it sounds dumb but to other post-op maybe even pre-op gastric bypass patients its a dream come true. Getting this procedure done is a HUGE step to closing the chapter of obesity in my life.

As for the breast lift and augmentation because of the money issue I have a new surgery date for them and that is June 25th.
I can't wait I'm so excited about these surgeries as most women would be... It's giving me back something gastric bypass surgery took away and that was a larger chest.. No I'm not getting DD's to be just how I was before gastric bypass of course not! I'm getting size that will look natural yet still give me that womanly chest, give me that boost of confidence.. to feel sexy again... to feel like a woman again!

So many changes are happening in my life again, all at once. Funny how God does this huh? Things are slow, going day by day than BAM! Life gets flipped upside down! Crazyness! It has all been so positive though, I can truly say I'm so happy with life right now everything just feels so right.

It's 3:00AM I will of course write again before surgery.. And MANY MANY pictures will be taken of this journey. Befores, during *or at least in the hospital* and afters.

I thank everyone takes time out and reads this and of course the people that have been following this crazy journey! You don't understand how much it means to me!



C said...

Congratulations! Plastics are the scariest thing for me. I am terrified at the prospect but also excited to think I could be in a new body eventually. Good luck!

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