January 19, 2008

The New Year, The New YOU

What was your new year resolution? Are you sticking to it?

I told myself I was going to go on as many photoshoots as possible. So far..I havn't done any but a few opportunities.. I get nervous though, what do I wear? how should I do my makeup?hair? Do I just leave it how I always do it? wear less? more? AHHHH i just dont know! lol

WLS makes me worried also, some photographers would like to shoot lingerie, semi-nude; I am a very open person and I don't mind these shoots at all, but I question whether they fully understand what the aftermath of surgery look like (IE: lose skin).

Sorry, I havn't written in a long time, lets see here. Well, I started my new job working as a medical record release clerk, I miss Starbucks, I think I miss the fact that Starbucks everyone knew I had the surgery where as here no one knows and maybe its a LEO thing but i miss the attention!! haha I've bee going out a lot more recently, a year and a half after surgery I get the cofindent boost? I have met so many new people recently, I love it. I have a social life, before surgery I didn't even know the definition of that word! LoL Israel and I moved in together, it's nice but also weird to be out of my parents house and to have rent.

Working fulltime now and going out almost everyday after work and not getting home till later in the night, I've become disattached to my WLS friends! I'm sorry! I'm just living life, something surgery helped give me back. I love the stage I am at with the surgery, I can eat anything (limits on the sugar and fat of course) and still maintain or even lose a few pounds right now. Doctors don't want me on a diet, they DON'T want me to lose anymore weight they like where I'm at right now!

Gotta say something to the pre-op people.. The surgery is a living hell the first year or so, I figure you've gone SO many years living hell as a fat person, what's ONE more year of hard work and change? If you can make it through the first year, you reallly will love life after that. You will LOVE the surgery, no doubt you'll still get sick on certain foods but those are just little reminder that your different.. Everyone is different, my surgeons I think didn't make the stomach as small as other surgeons do but in a way I like that. I can go out to eat with friends and sure I still get a box but I can eat enough to where I don't get the "THATS ALL YOUR EATING?" lol I won't lie, I can eat a whole sandwich with some chips on the side, or a whole can of soup no problem *GASP* haha i know people are doing that right now.. But it's normal, I am normal again, ANYONE who is over a year out that still is eating a cup of food at one sitting, thats just not right and your either lieing or ya surgeon made you TINY! lol

Well, I am off to enjoy my weekend, I will keep this thing updated, I miss writing in it.




Anonymous said...

Just wanted to comment on your hair color. You look 100% better with dark hair!! omg...such a pretty girl.
keep up the good work!

~ amanda said...

ANYONE who is over a year out that still is eating a cup of food at one sitting, thats just not right and your either lieing or ya surgeon made you TINY!

either that or else you were made a normal size and then had a perf'd ulcer which caused scar tissue which made your pouch smaller (<--which is what happened in my case...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kylie
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Anonymous said...

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