December 09, 2007


Its that time of year again, time for family, friends, COLD, shopping <3, etc. This year we are not sure what is happening, uncle is suppose to throw Christmas this scared...

So, big chances since the last time I wrote *sorry! for the lack of writing*. Thanksgiving came and went my mom and I did all the cooking it was fun, it was even more special this year because it was my mama's 40th birthday, yup landed RIGHT on thanksgiving.. For her birthday *which we have not done yet and I feel terrible for but it probably wont happen till after the holidays* I am taking her in to get her first tattoo!!!

I also am no longer a Starbucks barista, I work for ACTA medical release INC i know i know "WTF IS THAT?!" It's a company that is in Sutter Medical Clinic *where my mom works* ACTA deals with all the medical record release stuff, its a nice change I like it and pays WAY more than Starbucks, I get weekends/holidays off AANNDD i get to dress like a girl AANNDD i get to get my nails done + its full time!!

Since out of the hospital, I have been doing very well on my eating and vitamin taking, its hard and a struggle but I'm getting it done, seriously people take your vitamins, eat right, dont end up where I was. I NEVER EVER want to be back in that place.

Well there is my quick update on life, I will try to write again before Christmas...

oh and i changed my hair color!

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