August 23, 2007


I have to stop for a moment and clue you in on what is going on. I might have posted about it before but I can't remember so here it goes...

Israel and I are building a company breeding, raising and selling panther chameleons. So purchases our first chameleon, Toby who is a panther morph male. Then we got Skittles a panther morph female, later we got Bentley our Ambanja panther. They were all babies when we first got them, since then Toby and Skittles have grown they will be a year old in December, Bentley is still the little baby of the bunch we are guessing he is about 4-months.

Well on Sunday we took a trip to the westside of Santa Cruz's TropicAquirium petstore, just to look aroud when ran into a Sambava panther chameleon. oooooo my god I fell in love we looked at him and left, i couldn't stop talking about him or thinking about him. So we called back, and we got the price down, they were asking for $500 cage, lights, etc all included.. $500 for a pure Sambava male, fullgrown is a GREAT price alone. But we got em down to $400 which was just a total steal for us!!

So now we have Mango he is a 2 year old Sambava panther male and he is gorguoes

Well, we put him in the cage with Skittles and within seconds, they were doin their thang!! That's right in about 6wks we will have eggs! 7-11months later we will have babies to sell.!!!!!! We are just so excited that the business is taking off, we are both just overwelmed with happyness....
We have pictures, videos, etc all on our myspace page. so please go check it out!!
Cameo Chameleons is on it's way.. WATCH OUT WORLD!!!

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