March 22, 2007


Hello everyone,
We had our family BBQ it was SO much fun, I hadn't seen most of the family since Christmas, it was fun to see their reactions to my weight loss. I was getting called a cover-girl! How fun is that?! I didn't get sick either, I stuck to carne asada, ok ok I did have a few chips. But all in moteration right? THE POINT IS I DIDN'T GET SICK. Everyone had a fun time, some of us went down to the beach, Ashley and I boogy boarded! We always have so much fun together, although the water was REALLY rough and roughed us up BIG time. I have about 4 beautiful bruises to show for it. Here is the BEST part, a few years ago my mom bought me some swim shorts/board shorts. When I go swimming I wear a bikini top, white shirt and some kind of basketball short. Well I always feel like a guy in basketball shorts so my mom bought me some O'neil board shorts that are PINK and I LOVE so much. I grabbed them to go in the ocean and GUESS WHAT?! THEY FIT, even when they were wet I had to keep pulling them up. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!

Okay so now for the dumb part. I woke up this morning with no voice, sore throat, and the WORST migrane that is just killing me. Throbbing in my ears, it's pretty much knocked me off my feet all day. I had some Crystal light and its making me feel a little better. But GOD I don't wanna be sick tomorrow, PLEASE no sick tomorrow!!

Oh I forgot to mention, that Ning asked if I was craving anything and I told her hamburger, she told me to go ahead and try it, JUST be careful. Few days later Israel and I go to burger king where I get just a hamburger ($0.89!) talk about a cheap date. I ate just one side of the bun and the burger part 1/2 of it and felt fine. YAY I got my craving out of the way.

Okay bak to sleep ttyl!

Kylie (-86lbs)

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