March 14, 2007


Now it's offical, it has been 6-month since my surgery.
I am doing great, I am so happy I could cry sometimes. I feel like for the first time in my 17 years I am really enjoying life, you realize how good that feels? I can shop in normal clothing stores, I can walk up flights of stairs and not have to stop to catch my breath or dread it the next time I have to do it. The stairs by Sea Cliff Beach, no problem anymore, I don't even think about it.
I have lost to date 86 pounds, 18lbs from the last visit, BMI: 30 and I now weight 171 pounds. Only 21 pounds from my goal. I want to see how I feel at 150 and decide wheather or not I want to keep going. I feel comfortable in my skin now, I WANT to go to the gym, I acutally had fun. Can you believe that? Kylie has fun at a gym? Who would have thought? Our pool is opening on April 1st so I know I will get in shape, I love swimming. I am off my Actigall and Aciphex, thank god.
I finally met Dr. Albense today, he was so nice and really laid down the law so to speak of what to expect next. He told me that in the first 6-months typically people lose 30-50% body fat and 60-80% in the 1st year. In 6-months he said I've lost 60% of my body fat, he said I'm ahead of the game! RIGHT ON!
I saw the guy that had the surgery same day as me. Oh my god! He looks amazing, I didn't even reconize him! WAY TO GO CODY!
In 6-months, my life has changed so much. I am a lot more social, happy, feel better both physically and emotionally.

I guess that only think I have to work on is eating more, can you believe that? eating MORE haha never thought I'd hear those words but ya know oh well!

There something fun to look at!!! Next step I have to get in touch with NBC11 they havn't contacted me, hmmmm strange.
Anyways I hope everyone is having a wonderful night!!
Kylie (-86)

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Cory Cisneros said...

Man I will never get over this comparision. You lost so much weight in a short amount of time. This is my motivation. I swear I am going to have a comparison like this...some day lol.