February 24, 2007


YAY my blog is 1 year old!. Wow a lot has happened in this year. I thought about surgery and actually got surgery, and have lost about 75lbs! YAY! I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me through all my good and bad times, for all your support and for everyone who reads this, because this shows me that their are A LOT more people out there that care about me than I may realize.

Life is good right now, had a bumpy road in the past week but you know, life goes on. Shopping has become an addiction to me, clothes shopping to be exact.... I'm in "normal" sizes now! YAY!

Well off to see my best friend!!!

Thank you all again and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!!

Love always,

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Anonymous said...

Cograts Kylie! Glad things are working out for you. Miss working with you but southern cali is treating me well. Miss you bunches