December 17, 2006

Kylie. Happy? what?!

My last appointment was on December 13th. It went fine, nothing new. I thought I was going to get tisk tisks but I didn't. Exercise is my enemy right now, but you know what they say "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Walking, is about what I'm doing. Gym, I'd love to but no car, no liscense, no way to get there as much as I would like to. Weight lifting, fine, love it.

I lost 11 more pounds, putting me at a 51lb weight loss. I am now 205lbs, 6lbs away from ONEderland :) obviously I am a happy girl right now. I am happy with everything not just the weight, that is just numbers. How I feel can not be put into words. Everyday I would wake up with a gross stomach feeling, obviously what I ate the day before. I feel so much better waking up. I am so much happier and I think it shows and people are able to approch me easier. Seems like there are NO rude customers at work, or maybe I'm to happy on what is going on I don't really care if they are rude or not. I am starting to get the lose skin, mostly on arms. Clothes are fitting well, my work pants are now a size 16! my 18 jeans are getting a little to lose. I just can't imagine what life would be like without this surgery. I feel as though I never lived any other way, I can't picture or remember me eating bigmacs, fries, etc.
I am also happy to say that this surgery has not yet affected my relationship we are actually closer and happier. I feel so much more confortable with myself around him, he has always loved me and I know that but now that I am able to start accepting myself I allow him to touch my sides (Which at first I would push away)

It's only been 51lbs, 3 months, 3 pants sizes. Life as changed so much already, I just can't wait for another 51 lbs to fall off and for life to get that much better.

Well it's late, I smell like coffee, sour milk and sugar *nice right?* goodnight all and if I don't post again until afterwards. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Kylie (-51 lbs)

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