December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas! (so i'm a lil late)

I hope everyone had and fun and safe Christmas. Did you get everything you wanted? Was Santa good to you this year? Well, I will go on about my Christmas because it was the best one I've had in all my 17 years.
Everyone was low on money and it was still great, even as a young kid I was never one to whine and complain because I didn't get the latest video game or whatever was hot at the time. I was happy with what I got wheather it was a backpack or a stereo system, it didn't matter to me.

My best friend Ashley and my cousin Cory are dating, me and Ashley have been best friends since 1st or 2nd grade and never had spent a Christmas together. So this year her and Cory came over early morning to open stockings and presents with us, I made eggs and hash browns for breakfast. My mom and I were up at 5:30 preparing stuffing and getting the bird in the oven.. We opened presents and it was so fun, I got some cool cool stuff. My mom cried when I gave her, her present from me an earrings, necklace and ring set of her birthstone set with diamonds and 10k gold. My dad was speechless when he got his GPS and Israel was in shock when he got his special edition red ipod nano, 2 authentic NFL jerseys, and the box of football cards he wanted.

Ashley and I ran up to the store to get brussel sprouts she was cooking for dinner, believe it or not the store was not that bad at all, there was a creepy worker that was hitting on us but we were together and laughed it off. The rest of the family showed up somewhere around 11-12:30. They ate appetizers and talked, the boys (israel, cory, reuben, cruz, steve and jose) were all in the bedroom playing Xbox 360 on the projector my dad set up in there, they were in heaven. We opened the rest of the presents with the rest of the family. I really love all the things that were given to me, everyone seemed happy. But you know it was going TOO perfect, my aunt Karen and uncle Pepe started to fight and argue. Something the promised they would not do if we invited them. But they are leaving to Texas to live next week or so.

We set dinner up like a buffet and it really worked nicely. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, dinner rolls, brussel sprouts and stuffing. Everything was really really good, my Aunt Karen is a big cook everyone raves about her food, so for once everyone was all "Kylie and Laurie oh my god its so good" I think we did AWSOME. I took a saucer as my dinner plate took about a teaspoon of everything, I was satisfied and didn't get sick or anything.

Once again the boys migrated to the bedroom and adults sat around watching christmas movies talking about what they talk about. Ashley and I were taking pictures and having fun.

Dessert was served Apple and Cherry Pie, I obviously didn't have any but I was even tempted, still was full from dinner.

Once everyone lefted we cleaned up, Ashley and I went over to Cory and Israels house and watched the Notebook while filling our new iPods with songs. I went home and slept.

It was really fun day here is the list of what I got because I was really happy with EVERYTHING

Israel got me:
Dooney and bourke bag
Ipod nano pink!
Niptuck seasons 2 and 3

Daddy got me:
nice pink bathrobe
candle set

Mommy got me:
$100 to New york and company
sushi plate set for 2
chop sticks and dipping bowls

Ashley and Cory got me:
Heating blanket and a 1gb memory stick for my camera

Rest of the family got me:
candle set, a little angel figerine with my name on it, $15 gift card to victoria secret, airbrush picture with my name

Also, I have to thank the 2 positive anonymous people and Dawn for their comments on another entry I wrote before. I wish I could write back to you but I can't! Thank you

Merry Christmas every one!!!!!
on the 30th Israel's family is coming over and 31st is my little sister's 3rd birthday, busy week!
Goodbye everyone hope no one is asleep or tired after reading ALL of this.
Kylie (-51lbs)

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