November 06, 2006

She Works Hard For The Money

Work went well I've worked 2 days since my last post both about 7 hour shifts, I do feel very sore my legs hurt, but I figured I just got back to work I have to get back in the routine. I was shocked when I came back to hear so many of my favorite people lefted but so far the new people seem really cool, that's a plus. I love my job but sometimes I just feel 'gosh i wish i was on the other side of the counter every morning'. I have no plans of leaving the store I am at right now, it's my second home. But probably when I move down south yeah I'll transfer with Starbuck's but I'll be looking for a better paying job.

Anyways I'm boring myself so I know I have to be boring you. I didn't realize how much my tummy rubs against things or touches thing when I'm working but my incisions are sore. Israel suggests putting some padded band-aids over them, that could work.

Okay I have to cut this entry short I have a little puppy whining to come out of her cage to play. But over all work went great I feel like I never lefted. I even feel I have more energy at work so YAY!

My low carb thing is going great! no bread, crackers, rice, NOTHING Susan! :)

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Dee said...

just ran across ur blog. what kind of surgery did you have. i'm looking into that as well.