November 13, 2006

A little of this and that

I had a doctor's appointment with my PCP, it was just for a physical. They had me get on the scale and I weighted in at 219!!! I felt great, I feel great. All these WOW moments** Israel saying "come here skinny girl", customers calling me skinny, a regular customer telling me that I need to go get some pants because the ones i have are about to fall off my skinny butt. I just bought the size 18s on Halloween and even though the waist fits well and will for another 10lbs I'm guessing the legs and butt are SOOO bagging I don't even feel the fabric touching my butt I almost feel naked!!! This low carb thing is going really well, I'm backing off of salt right now because I weigh in on the 15th don't need a water weight gain.

Me and a girl Melissa, who had surgery the day after me and she is 19, have been talking for awhile now, more so recently. It is just amazing how different doctors can be, mine says no more than 10grams of sugar hers told her no more than 40grams of sugar. She does fine with that but if I go over 10 ooohhh I will pay for it big time. It is so weird, we both had gastric bypass but I think she had the open rny and I had lap rny. Other than whether it was proximal or distal the surgeries are all the same. So why can she handle up to 40 and I can't handle more than 10. She did bring up a good point about us tolerating things maybe most people can't almost 2months out, could are ages being younger have something to do with it? We both handle chicken and what not (right Melissa??), although with some things it would be better not to tolerate them, I'm to chicken to try anything that could possibly hurt me. The bravest I got was getting 1/2 sugar orange juice and then putting water in to cut the sugar a little more. I did fine and I'm happy because I have been wanting orange juice so badly. I asked about it on a lot of people dumped on orange juice. Okay enough food talk

I'm going to try to start my own website (or ebay store) have not decided. I want to start selling the jewelry I make. I had my first customer on Thursday, Danielle from work. My cousin suggested an ebay store because they take care of the legal stuff for you. So I might go with that, I just at first didn't want Ebay because there is SSOOO much competition, mother of pearl earrings that look 20X better for a dollar? I'm sorry I won't sell my jewelry for a dollar but who knows we will see.

Now I need to vent. I have pictures on I originally started it with pictures that were taken while I was in the hospital. Then I added pictures of my puppy and cousin's wedding so on and so on. So it became my own public online photo album. Well I get this comment from a guy that has all these porn pictures on his album and his comment says "You know you are tubby, right??" What the hell?! why would someone say that. I got really mad and wrote back to him just saying things like "are you serious? omg when did that happen? i never knew!". It just really gets me mad that someone or anyone can make fun of a heavy person, its okay, no big deal. But if you were to make fun of someone that was disabled physically or mentally if you were to make fun of someone because they were Hispanic, black, Asian, whatever OMG you would be looked at like you were the devil or something. In our world today it is okay to make fun of someone that is white and someone that is heavy. Well shit I'm both I guess I got screwed on that now didn't I? I'm not letting it get to me because well hes not the skinniest person, I don't even know this guy, he has no idea what is going on in my life, someone after him wrote "i don't know what that guy above me is talking about your beautiful", plus who cares what that thinks I'll never see him its just the nerve of some people. UGH okay I just had to let some anger out.

Well I'm hungry and puppy needs to go pee.

** a wow moment is something that happens during your WLS journey. Could be going to store and trying on a medium size and it FITS or getting a compliment or fitting into a ride at a amusement park.


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qqtpie said...

I think how much intestine your surgeon bypasses determines the malabsorption amount. This could have something to do with the sugar grams being different