November 02, 2006


Yeah it's a bummer. But I did gain weight this appointment, 4lbs to be exact. I knew it was coming though I knew I was going to gain but geez 4lbs? Ning is very confused and doesn't know why that could have happened she said if someone with a normal size stomach adds 500 more calories a day for a week they will gain 1lb so for someone with the surgery to gain 4 is impossible she doesn't believe the scale. I personally think it could be water weight, I did have a lot of sodium the day before actually the couple days before. My carbs went way up last week I knew that was bad and well I'm due to start my time of the month sometime this week (sorry for any men that are reading).

Now I know a lot of people are going to think *you gained? you can't gain with this surgery* lots of people (practically a bitch of a neighbor across the street) will say *i told you, you did it for nothing* I am not ashamed that I gained 4lbs, in ways it is comforting that Ning doesn't know why, I want to say water weight but I don't want to be making excuses, so to hear her say it is better. Plus you know 6 weeks out of surgery is still new and your body is still traumatized. I had not had solid or normal good in 5 weeks and then to get normal food it throws your body off guard, its confused. Maybe it still thinks it is starving because my calorie intake is 500-800 a day compared to 1500 or more i would have before surgery. With the surgery YES there will be stales and YES it is common for your first one to happen around 6 weeks or when you start eating somewhat normal food. I know when I get back on that scale I will have a loss. If I don't then I want to see a doctor because something is not right.

So keep on me!!!! LOW CARB LOW CARB.

You know what I am confused about my nutritionist or Susan didn't say anything about good carbs. Are good carbs ok? People from say so but I want to know what Susan or Ning think. We do need some carbs to survive, I think I will email Susan and ask her, ask her a few more questions also. So yeah, this appointment was an upset but the 15th will be a new appointment with a weight LOSS.

Take care!


Melissa Ketcham said...

well i feel so much better after reading your blog! lol because i went up 3 pounds and freaked, but im slowly starting to go down. see i dont have a NUT so i am kinda soing my own thing. my doc said on the 15th at my appt (currently down 50) so stay away, well actually keep the carbs to a min, but i only eat wheat things. so i dont know. why is it so confusing :( lol ooh well. but yea the overeating is HELL!! i hate it, but i do it to myself

~*~Melissa K.~*~

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you feel better about yourself. But I am someone who feels that gastric bypass is WAY TOO DRASTIC unless you need to lose 200 pounds or more or you are going to die if you don't have it. You are changing your PLUMBING, not your habits. I lost 75 pounds the hard way, through diet and exercise, and I feel great because my lifestyle has changed. I still would like to lose another 50 pounds, but at 205, right now I weigh what I weighed in high school. I look like I weigh much less because I am very muscular due to my regular workouts. I am disappointed by this trend for everyone to take the easy way (i.e., no hard effort involved) out. In the long run it will not be easy. There is not a lot of long term data on the success of these surgeries and many people gain the weight back. And at least I have my innards intact...

Not to mention the fact that studies show that a low-carb diet is not healthy either. Just my two cents, but I wish you luck anyway.