November 26, 2006

Hey hey hey

So how was everyones thanksgiving? Mine was great! Me and my mom did ALL the cooking, we tried almost all new recipes and everything came out wonderful. I ate a little of everything (except dessert, i did make WLS friendly Pumkpin parfeits though) I think I had milk dumping probably from to much fat but it is hard to say because I wasn't shakey, or felt sick. I just all of a sudden would have to go to the restroom. Day after thanksgiving BLACK FRIDAY me and Israel had a GREAT time we were up at 3am and where done shopping by about 11.

I just decided to write today because I've been feeling really sad. One minute I'm on top of the world, next I'm crying so badly thinking really negative about EVERYTHING, especially my relationship I'm going to talk to Rebecca about this, I think it has to do with the surgery missing somethings. who knows, i know she will help me though. I guess I've really been missing him a lot since he has moved out. He spent the night two nights in a row and when he went back I got really sad, it sounds stupid I know he is only 2 exits down on the freeway, but its that little personal time we got when he got off work at late and being able to be with eachother until it was bed time, that time is gone. We still get alone time to talk, or just not worry about anything but we can't relax, we just can't. Having to look at the time *it is time to go home yet*. Never fails I'll get a drama call from my family member putting me in a mood causing me and Israel to start bickering (SP?) On the brighter side we put our Christmas tree up! lights up! I'm getting so excited!!!! YAY!


jen said...

just wanted to say hello. i'm older than you, but a regular blogger. i'm going for a wls seminar on the 5th.......yay! i've went to the seminars before, but always chickened out on going any further. wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey I read an article about gastric bypass on (,72136-0.html?tw=wn_story_page_prev2)
and it had a link to your blogger. Just wanted to say congrats on the weight loss and keep up the good work!

(cit-hcooper) <--- my blogger

Lee said...

Hi there,

I also read the article on gastric bypass surgery and it pinged your blog, so here I am. Congrats on the weight loss, and I'm glad you're pulling through. I've never heard of anyone doing it so young, but it's great that you went ahead with it. Power to ya!

P.S. Your profile pic is cute, you're beautiful. :)

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