October 26, 2006

3rd one in the bag

I had my 3rd appointment yesterday and it was actually a week late because I came down with the flu, my lord was that a tough time. I was brought to the Urgent Care and was given 2 shots in the booty to stop the nausea and it didn't really do much. The doctor tried and tried looking for a vein to give me an IV for dehydration but she could not find one at all and she did not want to poke me millions of times (thank you!!). She did say if I was not keeping liquids down by the next day I would HAVE to go to the ER. Thank god I was keeping fluids down and did not have to go to the ER. I miss the support group because of this flu I was and still am so upset about it, apparently it was really fun :(

Okay so back to my appointment, I've lost 19lbs from the last time I saw Susan and 34lbs all together! According to people on Obestiyhelp.com I am doing good for a "lightweight". Even though you can not compare yourself to others because it does nothing but set you up for a failure feeling and disappointment it's still nice to see where others are at whether it's better or not. I am SSOO happy about my weight loss so far, my first mini goal is to get to the weight I was when I started Weight Watchers which was 213lbs and Susan set a goal for me that I like very much and that is to be in ONEderland (100's) within a month!! YAY!

I am now in the soft food stage, and oh my god am I happy about that. Protein from FOOD will be a lot easier, plus I got the okay from Ning to have sandwhiches and salads (obviously not like FATTY FATTY things) so I had a Subway sandwhich last night well 3inches of one, it tasted really good and I was VERY careful with the raw veggies. This is what was in it: A toasted wheat roll, turkey, olives, pickles, tomato, lettuce, peppers, mustard, LIGHT mayo, salt and pepper. I was so happy had a few more bits for breakfast this morning then while I was up in the kitchen taking my medicine my dogs got ahold of it!!! They took the best bites damn it! LOL oh well

My PTC is getting better, no headaches for 3 weeks, Susan said she thinks she can see the margin in my right eye but she is not positive. I have an appointment with the Nerologist (did I butcher that??) soon, we will see what he says.

Richard has added more stretched to my work out to get my legs, arms and butt into shape (oh yeah baby JLO here I come watch out!! LOL just kidding)

Well speaking of Richard I have to go for a walk or something. Love you all BYE


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