October 06, 2006

My 2nd Post-Op Appointment

Okay lets just get the bad news over with, I didn't lose ANYTHING, I refuse to believe I am failing at this, god it's only been 3 weeks. I didn't put this weight on overnight and it won't magically fall off within a few days. No not excuses but possibilities.

A) I was severely constipated, that was taken care of yesterday
B) My body has been through a major surgery and it is its way of saying "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME?!"
C) Since us gastric bypass patients can not eat as much until our bodies get use to it, they think they are starving.

Those sound good? LOL
Everything else was fine still on Puree, that is getting hard I have no interest in eating, but I'm gagging it down for my health.


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Anonymous said...

My wife also had this surgery around the same time as you - and she stayed at the same weight for almost two weeks and began to freak out. I assured her as a WLS veteran myself - that happens, and it's only temporary.