September 27, 2006

My 1st post-op appointment!

Hey everyone,
I had my first post-op appointment today it went very well I think. In 2 weeks I lost 15 lbs!!! WOOOHOOO I am so happy. My depression is getting better have not had any crying spells since the last time I wrote. But anyways Susan is worried, well not really worried just concerned, about my water and protein intake and Ning needs me to up the protein. I knew that already and I knew that it was going to come up and I needed them to help me. Ning helped me by setting two schedule a vitamin schedule and a food schedule oh I love when I get something planned out especially when a professional help me.

I also know why I've been getting so sick, I was taking all my meds (except iron) in the morning after just a tiny bit of food well that was just a big no no. So with my new vitamin schedule I should not get sick. I guess I just have to suck it up and take the b-complex I have because chewable has not near as much stuff in it. So in general they think I am doing a great job just need to work on the protein and water NO PROBLEM! My phych. appointment went well with Rebecca, she did say she doesn't think there is anything REALLY wrong but she does want to keep seeing me just in case something comes up, totally understandable. I am just so happy 15 POUNDS SO EXCITING! good to see my somewhat suffering the last 2 weeks paid off my next appointment is on the 4th.

Today when we got back in town we went to Wendy's and I got some chili took it home put some beneprotein in it and threw it in the blender! IT WAS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO A PUREE DIET! MMM so good! I had to slow myself down I was getting carried away but I did stop before I felt full and it went down GREAT! so happy about that as well.

Well everyone I'm off to bed take care goodnight and love ya!


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Chris said...

Read about on Glad to hear everything is going well with your surgery!