September 22, 2006


I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was for after surgery. I am going through what my mom is telling me is post op depression. Do you want good or bad first? well I give bad

Bad: I am having such a hard time with protein. I get a sick feeling after drinking boost, which sucks because I loved boost. I made my own tomato soup and the first oz of it was so good. I went for a walk and wanted more so I had so more and I don't know why but I just got sick, not vomit but close to it. So I ruined that for myself. I'm just so terrible right now. I start crying because I'm feeling like "what did i do to myself?". So yeah I'm having a hard time with full liquids and I'm trying my hardest to get protein in but I'm focused more on liquids right now so I don't get dehydrated. Oh and I got my first dumping syndrome, my shopping list said either sugar free or nonfat plain yogurt, so I got the plain and never even thought to look at the sugar I mixed my protein powder in it and ate it up. I paid for that I got so sick, shaky, sweaty, and had to use the bathroom a lot. I can't look at yogurt right now.

Good: I have no pain, just some uncomfort. I am able to walk up and down the street okay. I can get around on my own, I took a shower the other day that was nice, I'm going to take one again today. Yeah I get wiped out VERY fast but gosh what do you expect? I can handle applesauce, COLD water, COLD crystal light lemonade and this organic whole grain baby rice cereal my dad got me just add a little splenda and its all good. But other than that everything else makes me feel not so good.

So I guess I would say I'm about 65% okay. I think my mom is right I need to get out of the house like go for a drive with her and just something. I keep getting told it will get better and soon, a lot of people are eating cheese and deli meat at week 4 so I'm pretty excited about that but then I get sad again because I think "if i cant handle boost how am I going to handle that?" Just taking one day at a time. Okay so I'm tired now, I have an appointment with Susan on the 27th.
Take care everyone!


Anonymous said...

Well just stick with it. I had surgery the very same day and I am having a terrible time with the protein too. And I definately know all about the depression and regrets. I never expected it to be like this afterwards but I keep telling myself things have to get better and I just try to look at the main goal I am trying to achieve. I wish you the best of luck with your WLS journey.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way also. I had mine on Sept 18 and I hate to say it but I ALMOST feel regretful. But things will get better once we can eat more food with subsrance.