September 16, 2006

Hospital and Home

I am in the hospital 2 days post-op!! I am doing a lot better than I thought I would be. I could not be happier. I'm going to break it down day by day.

Thursday: I was very scared before surgery, but you know I don't even remember counting down, I don't think they had me do that it was just all of a sudden I was asleep. I remember looking around, looking up at the lights thinking 'those are like the lights in niptuck'. When I woke up I was sorta mad I was so tired and was mad that they woke me up LOL. I was in a panic, and in shock that I actually had the surgery. I don't remember pain, I just remember being very sore, and tired, i kept dosing off could not look straight in the eyes and who ever was talking to me i would fall asleep when being asked questions. So many people where coming in and out of my room I dont remember half of what anyone was saying at the time. I had my mom or dad relay it for me later on. I just kept falling asleep through out the day. I did try to get out of bed and sit down, that was REALLY painful but I did it.

Friday: I felt like a baby, this was a drama day. I could not go to the bathroom by myself, I could not wipe myself, it was extremely painful to get out of bed and to get back in. My cathider broke while trying to get off the xray table I have 5 people helping me I was just in so much pain. Later that night, my drain started to leak from the port it wasnt painful just a little scarey. It was nice though and everything worked out because I had my mom there and I feel confortable having my mom wipe be instead of my dad. but my dad is stronger and can help me up better.

Saturday: Okay so all through friday night my IV just was hurting and pintching, it was just SO painful. I was given ice packs and hot packs, after a walk I decided I wanted to sit in the chair as I was sitting there I looked at my hand and notice wow, my hand looks like a glove that a kid would blow up. It was SSSOOOOO swallowen I couldn't believe it! Turns out the IV needle inside my hand had shifted all the fluids and pain medicine was going into my hand tissue. After a very depp conversation about me behind the curtian the doctors decided to take it out, BUT I had to be on top of my drinking 1 once every 15minutes and if I didnt pee enough the IV would be going back in and I had to promise that I would take my pain medicine orally. Which in the end it seemed to help better. But okay but saturday, I was getting out of bed by myself, going to the bathroom by myself, if I was already up I would clean up my tray, wash my face, I was just all over the place. My pain 1-10 was about a 1 and then a 0 at night. I was feeling great other than some soreness and tenderness on the insicsions.

Sunday: This morning I still felt really good and I was FINALLY able to go number 2 in the bathroom. Of course there was nothing solid about it. The doctor came in along with his student/resident army and said "Are you feeling good? What's your pain level? Want your drain out? Wanna go home?" So about an hour later the drain came out. OH MY GOD what an experiance that is, it feeling like a snake is getting pulled out of your stomach but the most pain was the tape coming off. Stuped? lol So about 1 1/2 hour later I was sent home and yes now I am home on the couch the living room has turned into my own little recovery room. Israel is helping me so much more at home, the hospital just freaked him out. He bought me some books to keep me busy while recovering, Sylvia Browne new book and a book on every dog that exists.

Okay so now I am tired and am going to fall asleep. I will be updated every appointment I have. So that is once a week for 4 weeks and than monthly (oh come on you know i'll post more than that). Take care everyone!!!!


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The Unseen One said...

Glad to see you made it through. Welcome to the losing side. :)