July 31, 2006

Bad Habit Bites My Butt (again)

What is this bad habit? Someone tells me something and although they say "not for sure" or in this case "tentative" I still get really excited and plan everything around the time, but when that tentative comes back and bites me, it bites hard. Where am I going with this? Well my surgery date was tentative and being that it wasn't a for sure set date, they had to reschedule the surgery because of the doctors taking vacation, Susan was right though August is one hell of a month for surgery. So my last pre-op appointment is rescheduled as well I think it is to make it closer to surgery day. So pre-op appointment is August 30th not 2nd and surgery is September 14th not August 17th. But this is a for sure date! Nothing tentative, nothing a maybe it is a for sure. My mom says Susan is really mad about how screwy the doctor's schedules are. I was just crying like a baby but after writing right now I'm feeling better. At least I got another date not just a wait and see, oh my gosh I've read stories like that on www.Obesityhelp.com where a lady got a date and this was even a for sure date, then got rescheduled, and then got rescheduled AGAIN. I'm sad yeah, but I'll get over it once it gets closer.

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