July 19, 2006

It's Almost here

I'm sitting on my bed, today has sure been an experience. So let me start out by saying I did hear back from the insurance company. My mom comes in my work on Monday with a very serious almost crying look on her face and she says "Honey........ When you get a chance I need to talk to you". My heart was in my stomach. I was shaky, nervous, about to cry. So I step outside and she says "Now honey it doesn't matter what they say we can and will appeal it but umm YOU GOT APPROVED!" I flipped out. So yes I got approved, now that I am approved I will have 2 pre-op appointments. Now I found out that I was approved on Monday, well today I had my first pre-op appointment and it was really nice. Susan told me and my parents about the hospital stay and what I will have on my body when I awake, what they expected with me it was a re-run of what they have told me but they did warn me that I will be told everything at least 10 times but it was fine with me because it helps me remember. Then I went in and sat down with Ning. She went over the diet stages (clear liquids, full liquids, puree, soft and to normal). I really learned a lot and have a lot to read I will tests on it next appointment. Which is on August 2nd (day after my birthday!).

OH YEAH AND MISS KYLIE CROVO GOT A FREAKIN SURGERY DATE!!!! I'm in shock its a tentative date, but I have a strong feeling it will happen on that day. And the reason why it is tentative is because there is 3 surgeons and they have to check with one more. Oh and the date is August 17th! That is a little less than a month away. OH MY GOSH! so excited.


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