August 04, 2006

Reason's are why things happen

Someone once said "Everything happens for a reason" millions of people live their life with that quote in their head. I guess I can include myself in that number of people. I feel much better about a later date. When I was told about my date in August I got really excited but then I felt as if I wasn't ready. Since I started having these feeling I've been watching any clip, reading any story I could get my hands on about Gastric Bypass. I feel ready now, I've been doing my research about more post-op care it gets me so excited. I love watching Dr. 90210, watching other people go through something helps me better prepare myself. Although the men and women on that show are not exactly getting gastric bypass, seeing the needles, shots, drainage tubes, and the incisions helps a lot. Oh and I saw the movie Super Size Me about a 1 1/2 ago and I liked it. I got in the mood to watch it again so I rented it and I never recall there being a good 5 minutes of a gastric bypass most vivid I've seen. Hey I so have a question, can anyone tell me why olives are a no no after surgery? Is it the tough skin they have? hmmm I'll have to ask Ning on August 30th. Anyways here is a list I could come up with that are GOOD reason's why surgery is later.

* I can better prepare
* Israel can probably get 4 days off while I'm in the hospital (on vacation for 3 weeks comes back on the 12th and then to ask for 4 more days 5 days later wouldn't happen)
* I have a couple more pay checks coming before I go on family leave
* I came down sick with a really bad cold, I think that could have stopped some things.

Well Tuesday was my birthday (August 1st) not only did I have to work but I came home really sick. So on Sunday August 13th we are going to have a little bbq with family. I didn't really plan or get excited for my birthday, my mind was so wrapped up in the surgery.

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Danyele said...

Hi Kylie.. Just wanted to say Hi! I found the link to your blog on OH. Congratulation on getting your approval.. my surgeon should be sending off for mine by the end of next week.

Take care!