May 04, 2006

Am I Crazy?

Am I crazy? Well we will find out on May 26th. HAH me and Israel's 4th anniversary. I got approved and my psych. evaluation is on May 26th at 2:00. That will be a crazy day because it is also my next appointment with Dr. Peebles at 11:00. We figured since we would be over that way anyways, I mean it's not like gas is expensive or anything we just like to hit 2 birds with one stone. LOL. Man was that Death and Dying class intense there were people crying left and right. Including me and of course I was the one that had to be the most dramatic.... Tonight I have my cooking class and tomorrow I get PAID. I need it after buying Israel his Xbox 360 I'm a little short on cash. Wanna send me some? OF COURSE NOT! Ashley I didn't forget about you baby! You will have something when you get here in the summer. Wow, I can't believe next month I might be having surgery! I HOPE SO!!! AHHH IM SO EXCITED I'm going to go eat some food me so hungry.


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