April 17, 2006

Welcome Back Headaches

Yeah so for the first time in about a week I got a REALLY REALLY bad headache last night, still have it right now too, Medicines aren't doing much but oh well I hope it will die down by tomorrow.

On a better note, 2 more days until my next appointment with Dr. Peebles. Oh yeah my mom brought my little sister to the doctor's today because she had a fever and while my mom was there my sister (and mine) doctor gave her the referral for the sleep study. Now all we have to do if give the callapulinary office the referral (mom will do it tomorrow since she works over there anyway) and I'm hoping they will give us the machine to do it at home or we can schedule something really soon (like Wednesday), I will want that done and out of the way before Friday. The Psych. Evaluation, my mom got a call from a lady name Suzy from Dr. Eisenberg's office she said that the evaluation should be medical and that she just went over this not to long ago so she knows for a fact, but that she would call the insurance her self to see that this was all about, then she would call my mom back and do the over the phone interview that is required before seeing Dr. Eisenberg. I don't think the interview really happened but Suzy did tell my mom that because I am not an adult there insurance won't cover it as medical. WHICH IS TOTALLY STUPID. Anyways I am hoping that when I see Dr. Peebles on Friday she will allow us to see a local person, because from how it looks seeing Dr. Eisenberg isn't happening, but hey you never know. If she does let me see someone local there is a psychiatrist that I saw a few years ago name Richard something. I might be able to just go see him again. We will see, well everyone have a great night!!!


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