April 14, 2006

Support Group Today

So today I went to the support group Susan asked me to go to. It was really nice, I met a lot of really nice people and was able to get questions answered that I had. There was a girl there that had surgery about 9 months ago and she had Pseudotumor cerebri. I got her e-mail and hope to keep talking to her. I have my next appointment on Friday April 21st. Susan said that the evaluation session where my "case" will hopefully be brought up is next week not on the 27th. So that pretty cool... I can't remember if I covered this so I am going to go through it again. The sleep study test was going to be done here locally, my PCP called the sleep study office and asked if they did peds (pediatric) and they said no. Well we were pretty confused so my mom decided to call them directly and ask, well a lady called us on our way home from the support group meeting and told my mom that she got her message and how can she help. my mom said "Well, my daughter is getting gastric bypass surgery and a pre-op test is a sleep study, her doctor was told she couldn't have the study done here locally because of her" the lady asked my age and weight" (16 1/2 and 251-255lbs). The lady said that when my doctor asks about peds she they assumed it was little, little kids and that they would be more than happy to do my sleep study next week or the week after all my doctor has to do is send a referral to the callapulinary office and she would handle the rest! So my mom called my doctor and left a message not even 2 hours later we got a call back saying that she put the referral in and we should no something in the beginning of next week!!!! THE COOLEST THING is that they give you the machine and devices, send you home, you set it up at home and do the sleep study right in your own bed. Then, just return the machine the next morning. AWSOME HUH? Well that is my update. I AM ON MY WAY TO SURGERY! WOOHOOOO


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