April 21, 2006

Appointment Today

So I had an appointment with Dr. Peebles today. It went pretty well, I am going to start a birth control it was one that I had before called Yasmin. I did my sleep study last night! BOY was that an experience and not one that I plan to visit again. Okay so it wasn't that bad just very irritating I was surprised I got any sleep. All I have left to do is the psch. Exam and that is where all the problems lay. As you know my insurance does not cover the psch. Exam and self pay will be $701!!!!! Dr. Peebles told us that the next step will be, get the list of all the people that are covered by insurance call each one of them and ask if they have experience with kids and then kids getting gastric bypass. She said that more likely non of them will say no but it is something to do to show the insurance. She is going to fax us and then we are going to fax the insurance company an appeal letter since the exam is only one time... *SSIIGGHHH* just another loop to jump through.. Me and my mom are kind of thinking about self pay if me and her went half's it wouldn't be so bad and it would defiantly be worth it... They had their monthly evaluation meeting and my name did come up, there was nothing but positive, and no doubt it anyone on the boards mind that I couldn't get surgery. My "case" will officially go into evaluation next month since I have no results back from tests and they really want the psch exam done, before any final decision is made. Megan (a counselor women that was at the support group) came in my room and she said "Word on the street is that you are the most mature around here"! What a compliment!!!! That made me so happy. I guess that is all for right now. I will post more if I can think of anything I missed.
Love everyone!

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