April 06, 2006

Testing 1, 2, 3

Yes, this is my second post for the day but I have to update this part.
Dr. Peebles sent me home with referrals for I tihnk all the tests I will need or at least most of them. Well, my insurance won't pay unless the referrals are from my PCP Dr. Neunberg. My mom called her office and the nurse Kyndra was not in so she talked to a lady named Lanelle about getting the referrals. Lanelle called back later that night (this was Monday, 4/3/06) and said they were so busy today but she will get right on the referrals and will call back by the end of this week or early next week. The next day my mom got a call from Lanelle she said, the referrals are in for EKO & Echo tests, the sleep study people here won't touch me (so we will have to go through Stanford). So my appointment for the EKG & Echo are on Monday 4/10. I'm not sure what is happening with the Sleep Study at this point. For the Psych. evaluation there is Psychiatrist named Dr. Eisenberg she is the one that Stanford requires me to see, but my insurance will not cover the evaluation and it is freaking $700 self-pay!!! Someone told my mom (not sure who) that because the psych. evaluation is for pre-op surgery that the medical part of my insurance should cover it, so my mom is going to talk the lady face-to-face and explain to her what the pre-op ting means and hopefully the insurance will cover it than.... That's all for now. Wheww, that was a lot.


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Anonymous said...

i have my own pshyciatrist who i see at least every 4-6 wks. she knows me more than anyone. she wrote an approval letter on 1/19 but apparently she wasn't good enough. now my final step before approval by the clinic is to be seen by their psychologist and take his 660 question test. i heard it's stupid and will word one question in alot of differnt ways to try to confuse you.i guess he is included in the clinic's program. i sure hope so. so, now i have his appt. on mon. and it takes him about a wk. to dictate his decision and sometimes they go by what he suggest or the whole staff will. if i went through all this crap for nothing, i will be so pissed off. the cost alone. i'm using medicare because hubby's insuurance won't cover wls. i do not see how they can refuse me now. i drive quite a distance in heavy traffic for the appts.