April 06, 2006

Follow Up With Dr. Gansaeuer

My follow up with him was on Tuesday and it went well. He said that my eyes look better but the PTC is certainly not gone.. He told me that gastric bypass is defiantly the best option for me at this time and he is very happy that I will hopefully be having surgery in June. He also said that since it is so close I can stop taking my Diamox (YAY), and he wants to see me again after surgery, BUT if for whatever reason surgery gets pushed back more than a couple of months he wants to see me at the end of May, he wilol put me on another medication, and probably get another Spinal Tap (LP), AANNDD see an eye doctor every six months until surgery happens. But I am very confident that it will not get pushed back (GOD I HOPE NOT). Yesterday I had my first headache in a 3 days! I was shocked, it still lingering but I took some medicine, so it doesn't feel that bad. Have to get going. Take care.

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