April 10, 2006

EKG & Echo Testing

Got home about 2 hours ago from the EKG and Echo tests. They were so easy. Echo lady said from what she can see I have a nice, strong, healthier heart and this will not get in my way of surgery. The EKG, I'm sure everything is okay the man didn't say anything. I wasn't really worried about these 2 tests. My next Dr. Peebles appointment is April 21 at 9:00 a.m. Only about 2 weeks away! My mom is going to make more phone calls for me, she wants to try to get the sleep study done before I go see Dr. Peebles. Nothing to report on the Psych. evaluation. I think I might hold on that until my appointment with Dr. Peebles to see what she has to say and maybe things will work out then. Off to work now, take care everybody.


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