March 31, 2006


Okay well here it goes.
I got to my appointment and saw my nutritionist (Emily) first. We reviewed everything we talked about at the last appointment, made new goals then looked into the Gastric Bypass stuff. It was really interesting, it was kind of a printed out powerpoint, we talked about different protein drinks and she told me about the clear liquids, full liquids, puree foods, to soft or normal foods...
She told me I was the "ideal" candidate for the gastric bypass and that she really can see that I am motivated and will follow everything I have to. That made me VERY happy and excited.

Then I went to another room where I waited for Dr. Peebles, while we were waiting Susan came in and started talking to me it was kind of weird, but I figured she was just doing an "investigation" kind of thing. Okay well Dr. Peebles came in and we talked, talked, and talked. We got EVERYTHING organized and we are on the same page again (GREAT!). I got sent home with my referrals for all the pre-op testing. We are going to try to get those done within 2 weeks and I need to schedule an appointment because there were low on staff and told us to call on Monday. I am really excited, happy, and just praying nothing goes wrong. Dr. Peebles said that if everything goes perfectly, like very very perfectly I will have surgery in June. I know not everything is perfect but miracles can happen. :) Oh and Dr. Peebles said she thought I was a good candidate for the surgery also. Everything is just falling into place it is really exciting. Maybe I will edit this post and add more in but I am so tired right now it is time for bed. Thanks you for every ones support. XOXOX


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