March 13, 2006

Why Is There Always Confusion?!

At about 9:00 this morning I got a call from my mom. She told me she got a call from Erin (case manager with out insurance company). Erin said that she has the request form, from Dr. Peebles, and is ready to send it through and get it approved, but the request is for a Lapband?! I am so confused now! I'm just trying to understand where my doctor got the Lapband from. Well okay on my first appointment with her, I told her I wanted a Lapband (I did because I was desperate and I thought that this place in San Fransisco would give me the surgery because it is less invasive) but I'd always wanted the RNY that was my first choice ever! Anyways, I told her I wanted a lapband and was told or at least I thought this what she said, that they do not do lapband just RNY. My thoughts were (GREAT!!!). But that at the time I did not qualify. To fast forward everything, now I do qualify and I have been reading a lot about the RNY, it is the surgery for me, I have been reading stories about the Lapband and they are not so good. Plus the Lapband help you with as much weight loss. I dont remember the exact amounts of course everyone is different but I think it's like 40-50% where as the RNY is 60-70%. My heart is set on the RNY and I think if they can't do that for me for whatever reason, then I will just have to wait until I am eight-teen and get it from another place. I just think that it is my body, my life I just would not feel comfortable with the lapband. I don't think it would come to the extreme of me leaving Stanford, I hope we just all go "OOPS" and a referral can go in for a RNY. We will see, by tonight I should have more information. I'll post more than. Good MORNING!



Serena said...

You need to review your stats. After two years the stats for lapband and RNy are very similar as far as weight loss goes. It is just slower initially with lapband. You might look at this as fate pointing you towards what would be best for you. If you join some lapband boards you will fid some people with very successful weight loss.

Anyway good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

U should check into the duodenal switch , you will never dump you will have a wider selection of food to eat, it has a better factor of keeping your weight off. way more better than the rny i wouldnt have rny if its the last surgery on earth , to many badside effects with it