March 11, 2006

New Doctor, new medicine

Okay so I had my Neurologist appointment with Dr. Gansaeuer. He was really nice! So here is whats up, I do have PTC (which I knew already) it is not severe YET, but it can get there if it goes untreated. I am on a medication for it now, and he believes the Gastric Bypass is the best way to go. (YAY!!!!!!) Medication weird me out there feel like I'm on drugs. He ordered me a blood test (which I did yesterday also) and another one in 2 weeks. He wants me to go to Physical Therapy, he said my shoulder and neck muscles are very tense and that it could relieve some headache pain but not much. We have been out of power for officially 24 hours as of 8:30. It's back and its all good now. Well cousin is here got to go spend time. Love you all


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