March 05, 2006

Part 2 of Delays

Okay Okay,
So Dr. Peebles called my mom while she was driving home from work and they talked for about 30 minutes (as I wrestled with my 2yr old sister to keep her from crying to mom). So according my doctor SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I WANTED GASTRIC BYPASS!!! WWHHAATT??!! I am praying to god she had a brain fart (excuse the language), because that is all I ever talk about with her. They have a evaluation of "cases" each month and mine is not going until their April meeting, but my name did come up during Feb.'s. Susan (director) said she knows I want the surgery but have only heard it from my mom that is when my doctor said "what??? I didn't know she wanted it" (YES SHE DID AND ON MARCH 31 I WILL DEFIANTLY REMIND HER ABOUT OUR CONVERSATIONS!!!!) so they thought my mom was influencing me!, and she is defiantly not this is a decision I have made on my own. She has been doing all the phone calling because I didn't know I was allowed to. But now if I have ANY question I am the one that has to call. this is good. So on my rescheduled appointment (March 31st) I am bringing my books, all the names of websites I am a part of, online support groups, etc. etc. To show my doctor yes I want this and I have been preparing mentally and physically(having no caffeine, going after protein FIRST, chewing A LOT better, and finally taking a multi-vitamin). I am just so upset how could she not know I wanted the surgery, I am so hoping she remembers after I am done with her.. But anyways, when my mom told her on the phone "OMG yes she really wants this surgery" my doctor said "well if that's the case we need to pick up the pace we need to get the tests done, etc" So I know I am getting the surgery that just puts butterflies in my stomach! I get so excited when i think of that!. I gotta get to bed now. Its 1:37 AM. Goodnight

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