March 01, 2006

Delays delays

Well this sucks, I got a call from Susan (weight loss program director) calling to confirm my appointment on March 31st and to not be late this time. Ummm excuse me! My appointment is on the 10th and last time I was 45minutes EARLY! She said that Dr. Peebles will not be in on the 10th and that they had to rearrange things so the earliest they could put me in was the 31st! I am so mad about this! So anyways that is my update. But on a nicer topic I got a package in the mail from Circuit City, I thought to myself "what the heck did I order?!" It was my best friend Ashley! She got me a PSP for my late Christmas present! Oh my gosh I was so freaking happy!!!! I hope everyone is doing very well and I will talk to everyone soon.


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