March 06, 2006

Headache *OUCH*

I have screaming headache, I've been like this for the past 2 days *sigh* it put me in tears to lay down, my head feels like it is going to blow up when I first lay down. I think it might be a PTC headache.I have been on there is a woman name Amber, she had the surgery 11/05 (Duodenal Switch) and now she is in a wheelchair and the doctors DON'T KNOW WHY! That poor woman she is only 25 and has a 6yr old and 3yr old. On the website they are getting members together and having everyone send her cards and letters. I decided to write her a poem here it is:

Sometimes we do not feel
like we want to feel
Sometimes we do not achieve
what we want to achieve
Sometime things that happen
do not make sense
Sometimes life leads us in directions
that are beyond our control
It is at these times, most of all
that we need someone
who will quietly understand us
and be there to support us
I want you to know
that I am here for you
in every way
and remember that though
things maybe difficult now
tomorrow is a new day

I really hope she likes it. What do you all think????????

New picture of me and Israel (my baby)

I need to go treat this headache I can not concentrate.

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