March 27, 2006

Nothing New To Report

Sorry for not writing in awhile. Nothing new has came up so there really hasn't been anything to talk about. I got another book to read of the surgery. It's really good I love how the author writes, non medical people can actually understand it! LOL. I can't wait for Friday! only 6 more days. I will defiantly be writing a lot that night. (BTW, Friday is my next appointment with Dr. Peebles). I am really hoping we can get things rolling, I have to let her know that I have wanted gastric bypass the whole time, and I am sorry she didn't know I remember us talking about it and I thought she did know (maybe she will remember, but if not she is a busy women so it would be understandable). I get to ask about the approval thing and why is went through as lapband and not RNY or if it was just a honest mistake. I HAVE TO get her pager number! My mom keeps writing it down and losing I just need it and while she is telling me I will have my phone out putting it in my phone (not on a brown bag *mom*). I started my lecture culinary class, interested but I don't know if it is something I want to do as a career. Now I'm all confused, LOL. I better start getting ready for work. Will post more on Friday!
Love always,

me and Israel have a myspace now!

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