August 12, 2009

And with this Ring.

It's almost been 2-months since Taylor and I have started dating. Life has been so perfect; he is so perfect. If I had sat down and written out my "perfect" man before I met him he is all of that and so much more. I am so in love with him! Countless prayers and countless tears, God finally answered my prayers.

Taylor accepts me for me, doesn't judge me for things I've done in my past and to my suprise our pasts are not much different. But I'm not going into too much detail with that because thats his story to tell not mine. He gets along with everyone that is important to me, my family adores him but most importantly he makes me so happy and doesnt even have to try.

My birthday was August 1st, I didn't have much planned because I wanted more than anything to just be with him. My birthday wish came true! My baby came a few days before my birthday and stayed a few days after.. The day before my birthday we hung out mostly, didn't do much but thats what I LOVE about him is we can do NOTHING all day and it would still be the best day ever. We were both hungry later that night and he suggested we go eat and then go to my favorite spot by the beach and just hang out. So we went to eat and were talking, just so in love. After dinner it was about 11:30 and we drove out to my spot (now our spot) Rockview, right off of East Cliff dr. "How romantic" I thought, "getting a birthday kiss right at midnight at our beach spot". We put the truck bed down, had blankets and just snuggled up, talking and watching the waves. He told me he would be right back he had to check the time; it was 12:02am on my birthday. He took my hand and we walked over closer to the cliffs and he asked me "Baby, do you know what so special about today?". I started going on and on "well its my birthday, im turning 20, later today is Sophias birthday party, etc etc" then he got down on one knee and OH MY GOD I couldn't believe what was happening.

Taylor asked me to marry him that night and of course I said YES! So here we are, engaged and more in love than ever! I am still in shock to this day that I will be his Mrs. Hahn soon. It takes time but with consistant prayer; God does help good people who might have just been broken or lost like we both were before we met eachother.

We both were really broken and lost. Didn't know what life had in store for us, or what was to become of us. He really saved me from who I was becoming and he tells me that I saved him. God works in mysterious ways, in ways no one will ever understand. He gave us the gift of eachother and I am so in love with Taylor.

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Doug (lost 120 so far) said...

That's totally awesome, Kylie. I'm totally happy for you!