June 25, 2008

Plastic Surgery *take two*

Kylie is under the knife once again today at 2:00 pm, this time it is for the breast lift and augmentation that had to be delayed due to money issues.

So I am super hungry and crazy thirsty right now, you know the *no eating or drinking past midnight* policy.

I am recovering really well from the Tummy tuck that was done May 19th. I got both of my drains removed finally, my pain is gone and all that is really happening is the suture line is very itchy and I have to still wear my binder. I wasn't aware of this a few weeks ago so I wasn't wearing it and I got fluid pockets which had to be drained...So I have been wearing it religiously since and yet I still got a fluid pocket that will probably get drained before surgery today. It's actually pretty funny its like your tummy is a water bed, feels creepy. So for those of you considering a tummy tuck... As uncomfortable and irritating as it will be, WEAR YOUR BINDER! WHY? When they cut the skin and pull it down, etc there is empty space between your abdominal wall and skin. The binder holds them together allowing them to reconnect and when you don't wear the binder there is nothing pushing them together and the body doesn't like empty spaces so it starts to fill it with fluids.

I am really excited about surgery today, boobies boobies boobies!! Finally, it's not fun and your self confidence takes a major beating when your 18 years old and have wrinkled shrivled up "boobs". Honestly, grandma has a better set of girls than I do right now..

It's so amazing to be going through this, I've it before and I'm saying it again. Final chapters of "FAT Kylie" are being closed.

I will try to write sometime this week... Before and after pictures will be posted.

Pray for me!


Having WLS in August said...

Hope it's going okay for you! Looking forward to updates and pictures.

KIM said...

Thanks for the advice! I may be doing them both soon. I have lost -105 but honestly I am not that saggy or flappy. but it would be just swell to be nicely shaped finally after all these years. Hope everything is going well after the boob job! Let us know the secrets for that procedure too!

Having WLS in August said...

Looks as if you've moved on to the new phase of your life and have no time for the blog! I hope you're happy and wish you well.

Doug said...

I there. I just had my RnY gastric bypass on 9/8 and I found your site through Eggface's blog. It was great reading about your journey; I'm sorry to see that everything has come to a halt. I hope you're okay and enjoying the new "girls."