June 11, 2007


It's already the beginning of June. Can you believe that? Where is this year going?! June has been pretty quite, I want to say, then again that could be a lie.

School has ended for the summer, which wasn't to exciting for me. I was only taking one class, online math.

NBC got in touch with me again, finally, and we wrapped up the story they are doing on me *further details looks for NBC post that was posted sometime last year* Well this was the final chapter they did a "before" and "during" *came to hospital* and now they did the "after". It was really fun I felt so comfortable, we did it at my favorite beach by my boyfriend's house. I WORE A MINI SKIRT!!! that felt great! It was just nice all around I felt I talked well, didn't stumble on words, we showed how I eat now and how I ate before. Even brought along some old pairs of jeans and held them up "Subway Jared style" it was great!

My bestfriend Ashley graduated, I wanted an outfit I could wear but had no money. So I got creative and found a size 26 skirt I had before surgery, I measured, cut, sewed and that size 26 turned into a size 6-8ish and it fit, looked great, couldn't even tell anything was done to it!!

My cousin Lianna Graduated on this last saturday, super sad I couldn't go :( I didn't realize it was so early in the morning and I had to work. But I am so proud of her!!

My cousin Cruz graduates on Wednesday, he went to independece studies like I did, has the same teacher and all, so it will be fun and exciting to see everyone again!

I've been working a lot, picking up more shifts i love working right now, everyone I work with is awsome! makes time fly on by!

I guess June has been pretty crazy.

Surgery wise, everything has been pretty steady, I think my weight loss has slowed down a little, expected though right? Almost at goal so of course things will slow down! Lately, it seems everything I try to eat through out the day makes me sick, and by sick I don't mean always throwing up, but i'll get crampy, or upset stomach, or heart racing, sweaty, stomach hurts, tired I need to go lay down and I usually fall asleep and wake up somewhat okay.

Getting sick more than 3 times a day gets really irritated. I'm sick of always feeling sick, to the point I just ugh, dont want any food! Anyone know WHY this happens? It's like our pouches go through fazes or something..

There is my update, I shall return shortly!!! but I've gotta be up early and to work! and yea it's late!!

take care everyone!
Kylie (-107lbs)

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