June 13, 2007


In 9-months a woman grows a baby
In 9-months a child goes through 1 year of schooling
In 9months Kylie's life has changed dramatically

I look at weight loss as gaining. Does that make sense? You lose so much yet you gain so much more.

I've lost pounds, inches, negativity
I've lost health problems

I've gained friends, confidence, social life
I've gained respect, popularity, health
I've gained happiness, energy, love
I've gained control, knowledge, A LIFE

Official numbers ARE:

Shirt size: 2-3XL
Pants: 24-26
BMI: 46.8

Shirt size: MEDIUM
Pants: 6-10
BMI: 26.5

Shirt size: DOESN'T MATTER
BMI: 21.9 -24

I really don't care about the sizes but I am not at my own goal yet. I chose a goal weight of 120lbs. Many might and probably will shake their heads at me, but 5'2 and 120lbs puts in the NORMAL range as far as my BMI goes. I'd like to know how much body fat % I've lost, anyone know how to calculate that?

Doctor appointments. Everyone is very please, especially ME! I got on the scale and it was 147, my happyness was just so. OMG I just was speachless, I don't EVER remember weighing that. With my goal just around the corner, I am so excited!

Food, was the biggest issue this time around. Protein was a worry along with other things. Mostly protein though, got to get back to my habits as they seem to have slipped away, I didn't realize how low my protein intake was.

Eating and drinking wise, hydrating in between meals could hopefully help that. Why did I never think of that? hmmm but be the hair color. JUST KIDDING! thanks Ning! I love going back and seeing everyone, I get so enthusiastic and a jump start to do it right or do it better.

Well now for some shorting news.... According to their measuring thing.... I am 5'0 tall... what HAPPENED TO 5'2?! I can't see myself 5'0, ASHLEY is 5'0 and I'm a wee bit taller. I'll take 5'1 but 5'0!!!!!!! lol its a digital measuring thing, maybe it was WRONG! Curses!

Well I am off to do something exciting and productive. WHAT?? I don't know yet
Kylie (-109lbs)

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