May 07, 2007

Century Club

I have joined a new club..

The Century Club

What is it you ask?

A club you become a part of on when you've lost 100lbs!!! and GUESS WHAT?! I've lost 100lbs!!!

I was leaving the house to go to work, I looked back in the house, you know to make sure I had everything, of course I forgot my work apron. As I was walking back to my room, I saw the scale and it reminded me of how I had not weighed myself in awhile *about a week* so I stopped looked at it and walked away "no no im not going to weight myself" well the scale won, I got on it and I didn't believe what it said, 156lbs. yea right. I jumped off and then got back on, 156. Moved the scale around *u know how it can affect the number* got back on 156!!! OH MY GOD! I about cried. I've lost 100lbs I'm so happy on cloud nine right now.

I am doing better since my last post, working on the eating better. Exercising more *swimming* helps me feel better about eating... And I wanted thank the 2 people that left me comments on my last post I really appreciate it. Thank you so much



Dawn C said...

Awwww, Kylie! That's so awesome! You have come such a long way. I always enjoy reading about your progress. You are such a beautiful girl, and deserve all of the happiness life has to offer free of your weight issues. Here's to keeping up the good working and getting to goal!

Kristina said...

Well said.