January 26, 2007


ONEderland: When someone gets into the 100s

Guess who is in onederland?! MMEE!!! YES!! Today was really fun actually. I got to see Dr. Peebles, I havn't seen her in such a long time and it was nice to see her again. My weight was 189lbs! last time I weighted in at 205, so not only am I in onederland but i skipped the 190s all together! Everything went great, I do need to work on my guilty feelings with food and develop a healthy relationship with food. Food is a friend not enemy!

So I am 189, thats a 16lb weight loss and 67lbs lost in total. I'm really happy, my size 16pants are starting to get to lose! 14s in the near future maybe?

I promise to write more later I'm tired and have cold.. Take care everyone!!!

Kylie (-67)

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Dawn C. said...

Yay Kylie! I am so happy for you sweety. You are going to look ravishing for your big Valentine's surprise that you have planned for Israel. Wow...Onederland...can't wait until I'm there too. I have been approved as of last Friday, and my surgery will be at the end of March.

Keep hanging in there! and yes, you are allowed to cry for no reason. My OBGYN says that after surgery sometimes it takes a while for the hormones to regulate to a new body size, plus you are still very young. Just know that a lot of people care about you and are proud of what you have accomplished!