July 07, 2006

Hey Ya'll

Well it is July 7th and I had my monthly appointment, but it was with Susan since Dr. Peebles is on vacation. It was a longer appointment than I thought it was going to be because since nothing had really happened with the insurance company. This is what Susan had to say: she got a call from Erin and Erin hasn't received the xray. My mom was PISSED OFF and I don't blame her. It's her department that types the xray report and it has been a week that is terribly slow. She is going to find out more of Monday and when Erin DOES finally get the xray the insurance had 5 days. Once they approve me Susan gives the approval to a lady that checks the 3 surgeons schedule's. Now I have to appointments before I have surgery the first is to meet and talk with the surgeons, second is a pre-op where I believe I sit down and talk to the nutritionist for about an hour about the whole diet. Susan didn't have me schedule another appointment until we hear form her so that's pretty cool. She also said she is going to try really hard to get this done this month!!! No promises but she will try. I am really excited! I'm sorry I have to go I have a little 2yr old yelling at me to put Shrek back on. Everyone take care


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