June 30, 2006


Well Dr. Peebles emailed me, she is in Sweden! She just wanted to know what has been going on I let her know that Health Net needed more information (I listed the same information as below) and that my appointment got rescheduled to July 7th. She informed me that she DID include my tanner score. So we talked to the insurance company I think we should just send it again to avoid confusion. Anyways, I got the Xray of my hand it was really fast spent more time reading magazine in the waiting room than in the actual room. Erin should have it on her desk by Monday. Erin has been working so hard for me, I have to do something special for her any suggestions?

Okay so I feel really stupid but I TOTALLY miss understood my mom. Remember from the last post me bitching about 45days. Well it is that the insurance company needs the extra info and that WE have 45days to get it to them and if WE don't have it to them in 45days I will be denied. Once they have the information they are going to look at it right away it's on their urgent list. Although it was unexpected the Xray thing was not so had and lets hope it's one of the last steps.


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