August 01, 2007


Today was my birthday, I turned 18!! YAY.

I was over at Israel's the night of the July 31st and exactly at midnight Israel started to sing Happy Birthday to me and gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and literally 2 minutes after midnight my mom and dad showed up with a bottle of champagne, singing happy birthday. We all hung out drinking champagne, BEST way to start the day..

I have been planning for months maybe even close to a year to get a tattoo on my 18th birthday, then I finally decided to get it done on the stop of my left foot, I stuck to my plan.. Okay before I go any further, my mom and I were going to get tattoos together it was planned out ready to go.. Back to the story, the whole family *minus Emma who was at daycare* went with me to get my tattoo we got there super early. There are a few car dealerships around so me and Izzy walked around drooling over cars we can't have *YET*. Finally, Tiffany was ready for me. I was told by people that once you get past the outlining of a tattoo, the coloring isn't that bad. OH MY GOD! I know everyone is different, pain levels are different, I have to say coloring for me hurts like a *BBEEEPPP*. Right now it's a throbbing pain, and my left foot is 2x bigger than my right foot from being so swollen right now. But the tattoo is so amazing! I love it so much! I didn't realize I would not be able to wear socks and shoes *flip flops only* for 2 weeks, so I had to get my shifts covered at work, I hope my manager won't be mad at me! Amazing what one will do when the weight comes off, I would have never considered a tattoo before surgery to uncomfortable with myself, but with the weight off and the confidence high I got my tattoo and I'm super proud of it!

Later Israel and I went to Bank Of America and applied for credit cards, girl needs to get some credit established. We will know in a few weeks whether or not we got approved, but the lady said it looked good, then we went over to the mall because Israel said I could pick out something for my birthday present; didn't find anything today plus it was getting late and we were meeting my parents and siblings for dinner.

Mom, Dad, TJ, Emma, Israel and I all went to Hula Tiki bar and Island Grill for dinner. It was good, I got a coconut crusted chicken with a pineapple sauce, sticky rice and black beans, thankfully they didn't tell any waiter/waitresses is was my birthday I lucked out on that!! HA HA I think for the most part everyone enjoyed it, it was something new for us. The place was great also, decorated so neatly!

Now I am at Israel and Cory's house just relaxing, my foot hurts a lot but ahhh I love the tattoo is super pretty!

Israel and I are having our birthday party on saturday *August 4th* so tomorrow my dad and I are going to go food shopping. It should be really fun, we are both SO EXCITED!

Well I am going to go watch Israel play Xbox 360 and finish my left overs from dinner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! and thank you for everyone that has wished me a happy birthday!

Kylie (-110lbs)

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