September 04, 2006

The finish line is in sight!

Okay okay I know I had an appointment on the 30th and here it is the 4th and I haven't written anything. I'M SORRY! Aside from it being the last pre-op appointment it really was uneventful. I went to see the physical therapist it was nice he showed me some exercises I can do to start off before and after surgery, gave me some papers in case I forget. Then we had about a hour before my appointment with Susan, so we just drove around. When we got to my appointment I was given some papers to fill out you know all the FINAL signatures, reading, initialing, etc, etc. I met a surgeon Dr. Dutta he was really nice explained everything to me, it was really nice to meet a surgeon :) Finally I saw Ning and she approved my vitamins we figured out a schedule on when to take them. God I can't believe I'm almost at the end of something I've wanted so badly, yet it's only the beginning of the journey. I've just been this way so long I'm ready for a fresh start, a new look at life. I never noticed anyone treat me differently because of my weight but I've never seen what they treated me if I was thin because I've never been there. I guess you can say I'm anxious to see. I'm anxious to see who will be my friend that wouldn't be before. Of course they won't be now anyway just want to see what will happen. I want to stop sleeping my CPAP everyday is getting harder and harder with it I'm probably just thinking about it to much. I wonder is the headaches will stop, I wonder how much better I will be at work, I wonder how I am going to change mentally will I? Will more confidence be mistaken as conceded and a bitch? I hope not. Will my relationship make it through all the changes that are about to happen? *I've been reading many stories saying that don't* God I'm just so excited and everyone around me is scared. I've had so much support through this whole beginning some support from very suprising places. I have not had any negativity looked down on me for making this decision maybe it is because I am a "child" who knows. Israel has been my rock through out the whole beginning when there were set backs that made me cry, he let me cry and told me it was going to be ok. When I would CONSTANTLY talk about he would never turn the other way and tell me to stop talking. I wanted to show him this and that he would look. Although he was only able to go to 1 appointment because of his job he was the first to call as soon as he got a chance to ask how it went and what was the next step. Being my boyfriend he has been great, and has been there for as much as he could, I know he will be there even after surgery because the journey doesn't stop after I'm home from the hospital it is only beginning. Thank you everyone that has supported me throughout this. I will have many questions and suggestions and thoughts after surgery so stick by me, please. This is going to be my last post before surgery. I am going to being my laptop to the hospital whether I use it or not is another story. Take care

Please give a moment of silence to Steve Irwin who has lost his life doing what he was born to do and keep Terri and their young children in your prayers.

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The Unseen One said...

I remember what I felt like 2 weeks pre-op. :) You'll do great! You're in for quite the ride.

The Unseen One - Fellow WLS Patient