June 02, 2006

Sooner than expected!!!

Ok more news to report, it is really exciting!
I asked my mom to call and make schedule my next appointment with Dr. Peebles. She text messaged me saying "your appointment is June 23rd at 9:00 with Susan". Susan? Why Susan? So I had to call her because I was pretty confused at this point. Well as it turns out Dr. Peebles is going to be on vacation and will not be back until mid July. Oh my god my heart sunk. "but" she said, because she is going on vacation she has to have my letter to the insurance done by June 16th! She has already emailed all the board members (because she won't be there for the case evaluations on June 22nd and they have all given me the green light of approval. So by the time I see Susan on the 23rd by letter will already have been sent to the insurance and we will be waiting for approval!!!! Oh my god you guys its really going to happen! It will happen in July I can feel it! Hey does anyone have any suggestions on how to advertise, I really want to get my blog out there to people. Please write or comment with suggestions! Thanks you everyone


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